FOOD CART FRANCHISE COMPANY THAT SUITS YOU: Reasons why the franchise of us . What is franchising? Franchising is a contract. It is a partnership between a company and an individual. The contract is […] Any report or other information to be submitted under this section 6.2 must be submitted to the franchisor`s franchise department wo kann man mit share online downloaden. If any of the reports or other information to be provided to the franchisor under this section is not received by the franchisor within the prescribed time, the franchisor may charge the franchisee a late filing fee of $100.00. WHEREAS the franchisor has acquired knowledge and experience in the composition, distribution, advertising and sale of food by restaurants using the Mama Fu system and in the style of the establishments and signs used by these restaurants and has managed to build a reputation, demand and goodwill for the products sold by these restaurants; and during the term of this Agreement, the Franchisor will lend the Franchisee a copy of the Franchisor`s Confidential Operations Manual (the “User Manual”), which may include printed manuals, computerized materials or software, information provided over the Internet or on an extranet, audio tapes, videotapes or any other media that the Franchisor regularly uses for use with the Mama Fu System and as part of the User Manual mp3 jukebox gratis downloaden. The user manual contains information and specifications on the standards and specifications of the Mama Fu`s system, the development and operation of the restaurant, as well as any other information and advice that the franchisor regularly provides to its franchisees. The Franchisor may periodically update and amend the Operations Manual to reflect changes to the mama Fu system and the operating requirements applicable to Mama Fu restaurants, and the Franchisee expressly agrees to comply with any request within a reasonable period of time that the Franchisor may request or, if no time limit is specified, within 30 days of receipt of notification of the application face app downloaden. The franchisee must at all times ensure that his copy of the operations manual and any other confidential document that the franchisor makes available to the franchisee are kept up to date and up to date. The franchisee must keep all printed owner`s manuals in a secure location in the restaurant and restrict employee access to the user manual that must be known and take reasonable steps to prevent the unauthorized disclosure or copying of information in printed or computerized catering and delivery services 3.4 otelo app. The Franchisor acknowledges and agrees that the Franchisee may provide catering and delivery services at a reasonable distance from the Franchise`s website of up to 25 miles within or outside the franchise territory, but only in connection with the provision of such catering and delivery services and provided that such services are provided by ground transportation. Subject to the maximum mileage limit above, the franchisee may provide catering and delivery services in the exclusive territories of other Mama Fu franchisees, and other Mama Fu franchisees may provide the same services in the franchise area Download minecraft for free in full.

3.2 Territorial protection. The franchisor will not establish itself or grant a franchise to another party to establish a restaurant in the area specified in Schedule A (the “Franchise Zone”). Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, the franchisor`s decision on the definition of the franchise territory shall be final and binding in the event of any disagreement arising in relation to the territory that includes the franchise territory einkommensteuererkl√§rung formulare herunterladen. Except as expressly provided in the first sentence of this Section 3.2, the Franchisee acknowledges that the franchise granted under this Agreement is not exclusive and that the Franchisee has no territorial protection and that the Franchisee has no right to determine the location or development of other franchises or future franchises under the Brands or the sale or distribution of products under the Franchisor`s Brands or other commercial activities. or to exclude, control or impose conditions on other authorized parties. to use the Marks. (vi) If state or local laws or regulations require the franchisee to file an affidavit to do business under an accepted name or otherwise submit a report or other certificate stating that MAMA FU`S ASIAN HOUSE or similar name is used as a fictitious or adopted name, include a reference to that in such submission or request: that the submission is made as a franchisee of MAMA FU`S NOODLE HOUSE, INC., a company based in Georgia, Atlanta, Georgia herunterladen. Operations. If the franchisor and franchisee have disagreements about the most up-to-date content of the user manual, the main copy of the franchisor`s operating manual is checked. Upon expiration or termination of this Agreement for any reason, the Franchisee must return all copies of the Operations Manual to the Franchisor and, at the Franchisor`s request, confirm to the Franchisor that the Franchisee has not retained any copies in any medium microsoft word 2013 kostenlos downloaden vollversion deutsch chip. The user manual is confidential, protected by copyright and the exclusive property of the franchisor. In addition to any other amount payable under this Agreement, during the term of this Agreement, the Franchisee shall pay the Franchisor or any other entity designated by the Franchisor an amount based on gross sales to be determined by the Franchisor from time to time in its sole discretion, provided that such amount does not exceed 2% of gross sales (the “Advertising Fees”), the amount used by the Advertising Fund (as that term is defined below).

Advertising costs are the same for all Mama Fu franchisees. Payment of advertising fees is made no later than the Tuesday of each week and is based on the restaurant`s gross sales for the previous week gta 5 kostenlos herunterladen ohne lizenzschl√ľssel. Advertising fees must be paid at the same time as the payment of the licence fee. The parties expressly intend that the franchisee is and will be an independent contractor under this Agreement and that there shall be no partnership, joint venture, fiduciary or other special relationship between the franchisee and the franchisor. This Agreement does not constitute the Franchisee as an agent, legal agent or employee of the Franchisor for any purpose, and the Franchisee has no right or power to assume or create any obligation for or on behalf of the Franchisor or to bind the Franchisor in any way ps4 spiele downloaden kostenlos. The franchisee undertakes not to incur debts or obligations on behalf of the franchisor or to enter into a contract or deed, make statements or advertise in a manner that could harm the rights of the franchisor or affect the good reputation and reputation of the franchisor or any other franchisor franchisee. Repeated failure or delay in payment of immediate payments in accordance with the terms of invoices and statements made to the franchisee for the purchase of supplies, equipment and other items, whether purchased from the franchisor or other persons, or failure to pay payments due under this Agreement or any other agreement; that has been closed as part of the operation of the restaurant will result in a loss of solvency and reputation, which will negatively affect the franchisor and other franchisees of the mama fu system. The Franchisee agrees to pay, on the due date, all amounts due to anyone for supplies, equipment and other items used in connection with the Restaurant, as well as any payment due hereunder or under any other agreement entered into in connection with the operation of the Restaurant. The franchisee must immediately notify the franchisor if and if the franchisee is more than 90 days late in paying any of the above obligations.

The Advertising Fund will be established as a segregated bank account and the funds received will be accounted for separately from the franchisor`s other funds and will not be used to cover the franchisor`s general operating costs, with the exception of reasonable wages, administrative costs and overhead costs that the franchisor may incur in connection with activities reasonably related to the administration or management of the Advertising Fund and its programs. Promotional. (including, without limitation, conducting market research, preparing promotional and promotional materials, collecting and billing contributions to the Advertising Fund, paying for the preparation and distribution of financial statements, legal and accounting fees and expenses, taxes and other reasonable direct and indirect expenses incurred by the franchisor or its authorized representatives under programs funded by the advertising). . . . .