The voice carrier`s service insurance obligations do not cover: 101VOICE is expected to provide reliable and reliable service to customers and engages in the following service level services for systems purchased by a reseller or voice carrier agent are the sole responsibility of the reseller or agent. Emergency or standard services may be available by Voice Carrier at current rates published on the Voice Carrier site. The target response time is the time before the LSps first respond to a customer`s help desk request, but not when an incident is resolved. This first response may contain questions to clarify the incident or gather information about the reasons for the incident, and the voice operator may not be able to begin resolving the incident until the additional information requested by the customer is provided. The Voice Carrier service may depend on the infrastructure provided by the customer, for example. B The Internet connection, hardware, software and cabling of the premises. Voice Carrier is not responsible for failures due to the failure of devices or services provided by the customer and cannot repair them. Voice Carrier is not responsible for service interruptions or outages caused by network components outside the control of the voice carrier. The customer is solely responsible for the maintenance, operation and support of the customer`s own devices and any products or services of the provider, such as.B. Internet connection. Voice Carrier may provide, at its discretion, customer infrastructure support services at published rates. Some voice carrier services, for example.B.

Connections to the public switching network (PSTN) are provided by third parties. Voice Carrier is not responsible or liable for failures caused by failures of such third-party systems. The language operator may not provide any services other than to communicate the information provided to customers to the provider. In the event of a cloud server hosting a client PBX system or sip-trunk failure, another local server can typically recover the service within an hour. In the event of a total failure of devices in a colocation system or failure of a critical service necessary for routine operation and provided by the colocation provider (which makes the service available in the colocation device), the service is usually restored within eight hours on a separate system located in another geographical location. This Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) sets out the rules and obligations for service expectations between Voice Carrier and the customer. This service level agreement is mandatory and replaces all previous service level agreements. The planned maintenance of the network relates to the normal maintenance planned for the upgrade of the voice provider`s data and language network as well as the servers used to provide voice services to customers. Scheduled network maintenance can take place at any time during our maintenance window from 12:00 to 7:00 EASTERN TIME. System issues related to the planned maintenance of the network do not result in service credits described in this SLA. Voice carrier services are based on a high availability platform that provides cloud-based services and pre-availability….