As software maintenance contracts go, this one is short, simple and easy to use. Expert services can be used on an availability basis as part of the support, depending on the skills required to deliver the service. Expert services may include, among other things, remote troubleshooting on the customer`s COMPUTER systems, performance optimization, and code verification of the customer`s application code by Sencha support staff. Each 30-minute expert service, with the exception of on-site training, costs 25 x credits with a minimum x-credit price of 30 minutes per request (even if the service does not have an actual duration of 30 minutes). All requests for expert services must be planned in advance to allow Sencha and the client to establish amicable availability. Depending on the demand, Sencha can provide information on the measures needed for a specific expert service. Sencha may suspend the provision of services if the customer does not comply with its obligations under this Agreement. Sencha may terminate the Services if such failure persists thirty (30) days after Sencha`s written request to perform such obligations. Sencha may terminate the Agreement and all Services at any time if (i) Customer is found to be in breach of its software license restrictions under Customer`s License Agreement or (ii) Customer is found to be in breach of this Agreement or any other agreement with Sencha.

1. Services IncludedThe services listed below apply only to Sencha products for which they were purchased (“Software”)) and do not apply to other applications, libraries or products developed or sold by Sencha or Sencha resellers. The support, if any, for another product of this type is governed by a separate agreement. All features listed below are only available for the support period (defined below) and the Services will no longer be available immediately upon termination of this Agreement. The software usually offered by Sencha in the unveiled source format is sometimes referred to as the source software below. Under this agreement, maintenance services are provided in respect of certain identified software. Maintenance services are defined to cover the provision and/or application of updates and updates for the software to be expected. The service provider is expected to provide the services according to a defined standard (e.g.B. with appropriate care and expertise) and may obtain the right to suspend the services in the event of non-payment by the customer. The main maintenance services covered are the provision and/or application of software updates and updates. This agreement contains all the provisions you can expect in a maintenance contract for the software, but not much else.

The details of the services themselves are defined in an attached service level agreement as a schedule. Customer is responsible for all hardware, operating systems, network installation, network maintenance and installation, as well as the use of all file access control systems necessary to support the software. The customer may be asked to provide Sencha reproducible test(s). In other cases, the customer may be required to give Sencha certain limited access rights to the customer`s proprietary computer systems, so that Sencha can provide services. In some cases, the customer may be required to grant resellers certain limited access rights to the customer`s proprietary computer systems, so that resellers can provide the reseller`s local voice port in accordance with Section 3c. Support requests sent to the Sencha Support Portal ( will be evaluated by incident. Each incident costs 10 x credits. If telephone support is required to resolve the incident, the telephone support costs shall be added separately and charged in addition to the support fee for the incidents referred to in Section 2b. .