The rights do not apply to occupancy agreements for the locations on the websites of municipal travellers. In the car parks you buy the house and rent the land on which it is located. Therefore, for the use of the land and the services provided, a tax – usually called a parking fee – must be paid. You should ask the seller, whether it`s the park or an owner, for cost details. The owner of a mobile home has the right to the quiet enjoyment of the house and the parking space. The only exceptions are the right of the owner of the land to enter the parking space (see below) and the relocation of the house (see above). If the implementation contract began on or after May 26, 2013, the mobile home user is allowed to sell his mobile home to anyone (and assign the implementation contract). The seller is not obliged to inform the owner of the site of the sale. There is a legal framework for the form and certain contents of the written declaration, which forms the basis of the modelling documentation proposed by the British Holiday & Home Parks Association, used by most park owners. This document varies depending on the location of the park in England, Scotland or Wales. Please follow these links to see the corresponding reporting templates. The law gives homeowners the security of the property – this is probably the most important guarantee – and the right to sell their home in the park.

There are also important rules for succession and controls when verifying the pitch fee. Car parks are also offered for sale online by real estate agents, and you can look for signs “for sale” in a park. LEASE offers a parking consulting service. You can be reached by phone at 020 7832 2525 (Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm) or online at There is a legal presumption that parking fees will only be changed by a percentage corresponding to a change in the Retail Price Index (RPI) since the last date of verification, unless this is inappropriate with respect to the above issues. [14] You should take the opportunity to visit different parks in the neighborhood you have chosen. The owner or manager will be happy to drive you, answer questions about the park and perhaps arrange an informal conversation with other people who live in the park. Loans are available to those who buy parking and the main lenders are the large independent financial institutions. Before requesting the court to terminate the user`s agreement, the site owner must send the user a notice of redress demanding that the infringement be corrected within a reasonable time. What constitutes a reasonable period of time for redress for the offence depends on the facts of the case. [4] If a new infringement occurs after the expiry of the reasonable period of time, the site operator must notify a new communication.

There is no mandatory form for notification of corrective actions and a warning was considered a valid notification. [5] Frequent offenses are antisocial behavior, non-payment of parking fees, or funeral of the mobile home in decent condition Many residential parks are real communities where no one needs to feel isolated….