With respect to Australia, Australian legislation must not include contracts or other international agreements between Australia and a third country; (ii) in accordance with its own legislation, for other social security purposes, including the associated judicial procedure. (e) personal data transmitted is deleted as soon as it is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was transmitted and where there is no reason to believe that the protected interests of the person concerned are affected by the data erasure. 2. Unless otherwise provided, the legislation covered by this article does not contain social security contracts concluded by a party with a third country. 2. In the case of Australia, a reference to a benefit covered in paragraph 1 refers to a pension, benefit or allowance payable under its social security legislation. As far as Australia is concerned, the concept of “social security” also includes the guarantee of over-starvation. (a) the data may be passed on to the relevant authorities of the host Member State for the implementation of this additional agreement and the legislation to which it applies; The receiving organism can only use the data for these purposes. The transmission of this data to other entities of the receiving state or the use of this data in the receiving state for other purposes is permitted under the law of the host Member State, provided that this data is intended for social security, including related legal proceedings. (a) provides all the information necessary for the implementation of this agreement and its respective social security legislation; 3. Where an Australian benefit is paid under this agreement or by any other means to a person who is staying in Austria, any compensatory or social assistance and other conditions of resources paid by Austria to that person are ignored by Australia when calculating that person`s income for the purposes of Australian law or the application of this agreement.

(b) agree with each other and assist each other, including information on the necessary information, the determination or payment of benefits under this agreement or in accordance with the legislation of the social partners with regard to the application of their own legislation; However, international social security treaties or agreements between Australia and a third country are not included; This agreement (with non-denè te II) does not apply to specific social security schemes that concern civil servants and the merchant navy after J.C., which are subject only to the provisions of Article 5 of this agreement. 5. This agreement does not apply to acts or regulations creating a new area of social security. (h) “social security laws,” with respect to Australia, all laws that constitute the Unrestricted Social Security Act, including the limitation imposed on Section 2. The Australian Government and the Federal Council, wishing to regulate relations between their two countries in the area of social protection, have agreed to conclude the following agreement: in order to meet the requirements of periods of voluntary affiliation with Norwegian social security, periods of Australian professional life are added to the periods of insurance provided by Norwegian legislation.