The Ministry of Family and Social Solidarity said it was satisfied with the agreement between the government, FSWS and the U-Union on the collective agreement and called it historic. For the first time after the interviews, a clear and unique career will be established for professionals within the Foundation, while their skills and experience will be recognized by responsible and reasonable financial incentives. After reviewing the case by the Board of Appeal, it concluded that “since this was Mr. Rola`s first fault, disciplinary action should be limited to issuing a letter of formal notice” and not to his removal as team leader, as the Disciplinary Board had recommended that he do so against what is provided in the collective agreement. The appeals body also proposed that the Foundation present a manual on data protection procedures, which should be explained and provided to each staff member. It also recommended signing a Memorandum of Understanding with third parties sharing data with the Foundation. The ministry explained that the collective agreement had improved the working conditions of workers, while their wages and allowances would reflect their work at each rank within the FSWS. Nine days after the Board of Inquiry forwarded his report to the Foundation, Mr. Rola received a letter signed by Mr. Grixti indicating that a disciplinary council had been appointed and that he was being summoned to appear before him. In accordance with the framework agreement between FSWS and the UHM, the board of directors of the group`s human resources manager, Anthony Apap, and two other members of the Foundation were led.

The same letter that this newspaper saw also indicated that Mr. Rola could be supported by a union representative or another person of his choice. At the hearings on 6 September, Mr. Rola was assisted by lawyer Robert Abela. At the hearing, Dr. Abela stated that the decision to remove Mr. Rola from his position as team leader of the promotion agency is contrary to the collective agreement, as no disciplinary action has ever been taken against Mr. Rola in the past. “However, we are convinced that we can achieve a win-win solution for us as employers and for our employees.